vMix Pro Video Mixing Software Overview

vMix Pro – this program can be safely attributed to the most modern video mixers released today. Now, without much effort (pay attention to the word “large”, otherwise when I write like this, everyone thinks that you don’t need to do anything right away), you can compose videos of any resolution up to the highest, while using different sources for this, and after that, the result is given both via video and IP channels.

Due to the fact that you get an advanced and understandable user interface, each user is now able to manage the broadcasting process online, that is, in real-time, it is also possible to create a very high-quality video that will contain various types of graphic effects. Of course, do not forget about the transitions from frame to frame, here this feature is implemented one hundred percent, and if necessary, you can add titles and virtual studio effects.

The software is also good because it supports working with a wide variety of video formats up to QuickTime and other rare ones. If necessary, you can capture video from various sources, including even working with a remote computer, there is a feature responsible for adding images, if the video is ready, you can immediately burn it to disk, and for the appearance, you can use ready-made templates, or try to create your own. The program, of course, has video editing tools, there is nothing supernatural here, you can adjust the color balance parameters, you can change the scale of the picture, adjust the contrast, saturation and other color values, you can change the sharpness and so on.

Program advantages:

  • Can work with a wide variety of video formats
  • Simple video editing tools, color adjustments
  • Support for a large number of graphic effects
  • The software works great with multiple inputs and outputs
  • It is possible to simultaneously display the image on different devices
  • If you have access to a remote PC, you can capture the screen
  • For each input you get your own audio mixer
  • Intuitive user interface with simple settings
  • Over ten transition-related effects
  • It is possible to capture sound in Skype and other alternatives
    A lot has been written, to summarize, I recommend this software, although it is not suitable for everyone, as it is aimed more at a professional audience, but in any case, an average user can figure it out, a simple interface, clear settings, a lot of chips, make the product is quite interesting in this market and you can even say more, it occupies a leading position, plus it is relatively small in terms of “weight”, so decide for yourself, my opinion is clear to you.

Developer: StudioCoast Pty Ltd
License: ShareWare – free for you
Language: English
Size: 408
OS: Windows

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