UVI – Pulsar UVI Falcon Sound Synthesizer Program

The folks at UVI themselves humbly call the Falcon 2 the most powerful hybrid instrument currently available. Sound sources can be samples produced or synthesized and distributed across the keyboard using keyboard splits. For each sample, individual pitch-shift and time-stretch algorithms or ICRAM granular synthesis are possible. The sclice oscillator splits the loops into separate keys.

If you prefer "pure" synthesis, you can use virtual analog, waveform, phase distortion, FM, physics modeling, plug-in oscillators, or additive synthesis. 1000 presets and 500 wave tables will keep you entertained. Wave synthesis now has additive oscillator and FM support. The new version includes improved oscillators IRCAM Stretch, FM and Pluck.

Over 90 effects add even more fun. Delays, reverbs, modulation, filters, EQs, amplifiers, drives, distortion, speaker processors, and so on. You add effects directly to a patch, as a send, or just on a single note. Falcon 2 has added some new effects and reworked existing ones.

Modulation is done using envelopes, which can also be very complex. There are also modulation generators that control nearly every parameter in the Falcon, including other modulators. You can apply your own desired appointments to the macropanel. The new multi-envelope modulator now supports drag and drop MIDI and audio samples.

For those who want to use the program in full, remember that you need to download the UVI Falcon key, for this you need to purchase a license on the official website or use the link below in the news to download the archive, unpack and use, you will have a full version with all restrictions removed, completely free release.

  • License: ShareWare
  • Language: English
  • Size: 1.36 GB
  • OS: Windows 7+
  • Software version: 2.5.3


Password 123

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