• Year / Release Date: 2013
  • Version: v 1.70
  • Developer: Tennyson Maxwell Information Systems, Inc.
  • Bit depth: 32/64 bit
  • Interface language: English
  • Tabletka: Present

Teleport Pro v 1.70 Free Download Description:

Teleport is a multi-purpose, high-speed tool for retrieving data from the Internet. You can run up to ten streams simultaneously, access password-protected sites, filter files by type and size, search by keywords, and much more. The most feature-rich file upload software, Teleport handles today's complex websites with ease. Capable of reading HTML 4.0, CSS 2.0, and DHTML, Teleport is the only program that finds all files on all sites. With sitemap search, automatic dial-up connection, Java applet support, varying search depths, project schedules, and the ability to redirect to another link, Teleport is the best there is. You are no more waiting for slow pages to load. You no longer have to click on links for hours only to find garbage eventually. It's much larger database, however, allows it to handle enormous websites and large numbers of servers, enabling you to download much more information in a single project. With the small Teleport Pro program, you can download entire sites to your computer so that you can later view them without connecting to the Internet. The development is quite popular and is probably one of the best in its field, I used to use it myself, I downloaded entire projects, but I just can't remember why I did it, it is much more convenient to view it online than to load for hours, and besides, sometimes not everything was loaded, somewhere there were no pictures, and so on, in any case, if anyone is interested, you can download Teleport Pro from our website Features of the program: Teleport can:
  • Download all parts of the site to your computer, which will enable you to search the site much faster and offline.
  • Create an exact duplicate or mirror of the site, with full compliance with the structure of subdirectories and all the necessary files.
  • Find files of a certain type and size on the site.
  • Load the list of files with the named addresses.
  • Explore every site linked from the central site.
  • Search the site for keywords.
  • Make a list of all pages and files on the site.

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