Telegram for Desktop Messenger

A modern and free messenger for different platforms, it was originally created for Android and iOS, but now it has reached computers. Its purpose is to provide an opportunity to communicate with other users from all over the world, exchange emoticons and any media files of different formats. If anyone does not remember, then this client was announced by Pavel Durov himself, due to which he quickly gained popularity, and after that there were attempts to block him by the Russian authorities.

The messenger runs on the MTProto protocol, which uses multiple protocol encryption technology. After a quick installation and launch, you will see a welcome window, you will be asked to indicate the country and phone number, then you will receive an SMS with a code, enter it in a special window and you are registered. Next, a chat will open in front of us, we will be greeted by a bot, you can start searching for other people, we communicate, we create supergroups of up to 5000 people, files can be transferred, it seems, up to one and a half gigabytes, there is the possibility of resuming.

In general, the program is gaining great popularity, fame, there are a lot of scandals and rumors around it, all authoritative publications are switching to Telegram, Rabbit is already there, but I don’t make up my mind, I don’t know how much we need, in general, such is the program.

I downloaded this file separately and added it below, so you can just download it, enter this word in the settings and specify it without clicking on that link, see for yourself what is more convenient for you.

License: FreeWare - free
Language: English
OS: Windows


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