TED Notepad Description

TED Notepad is a text editor that comes with several additional options over the default Windows Notepad. The interface of the program is very familiar with the interface of the older brother, it is difficult to distinguish right away. You can import text documents and choose the encoding method in the settings. You can also use the "undo" and "redo" functions (the number of steps is infinite), you can swap text, and insert recently deleted text, file name, full path, time and date and other values.

Program Features

The program will allow you to select a word, line, paragraph or all, delete a line, trim a word or line, make backspaces on a word or line, use smart or copy backspace, and complete a word or line.
You can use search functions, change case (for example, all uppercase or lowercase letters, case inversion, uppercase words, up to sentences), and perform actions on strings.
TED Notepad can extract words, translate characters, view statistics (for example, total number of characters without spaces, average line length), change the order of lines or words, sort text.
The tool can create favorites, copy text to keys, include line numbers, visible newlines, line length, word and margin strokes, zoom in and out, switch to full screen mode, and much more.
The utility uses few to moderate amount of system resources and may direct you to the complete online user manual.

Developer: Juraj Simlovic
License: FreeWare - Free
Size: 218 KB
OS: Windows XP +
Software version: 6.3.1

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