What is System software for Windows for?

Do you have this when you launch some software, or a game, and instead of the longed-for contemplation of the desired content on the screen, you observe some kind of error? Either you need some tricky frameworks, or mystical C ++ libraries, some strange DirectX, or even something from the realm of fantasy. Real geeks can install the required components rightaway, but what about those who are not so advanced? Scour the web in search of the right software on suspicious sites, pump yourself, in addition to the necessary system, a bunch of browsers, optimizers of dubious production, and other unnecessary crap. This is where this set of necessary and useful things will come to the rescue so that no game or program dares to even object to something at startup.

Program features

System software for Windows is a very useful thing that is useful to every user, especially if he has just reinstalled the system. This set contains everything vital for the operation of games and applications. Having installed this complex of libraries, you can completely forget about errors about missing system libraries. This includes sets of libraries: DirectX, all-possible versions of the NET Framework, Flash Player, PhysX libraries, and more. This list can be continued for a long time, so I will hide the full list below under the spoiler, see for yourself what this collection includes.
In general, download, install, and make your life easier 🙂 Good luck.

Developer: CUTA
License: FreeWare
Russian language
Size: 3.20 GB
OS: Windows All


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