Stardock Start11 Free Overview

Start11 allows you to visually customize the Windows 11 and 10 Start menu and taskbar and extend them with additional features. Various layouts are available to perform this operation, and you can, for example, get the classic Windows 7-style start menu while working in Windows 11 and even bring back missing features from older versions of Windows.

Please note that the tool works on Windows 11 and Windows 10 (32 bit and 64 bit), but older versions of the operating system are not supported.

Program features:

  • Start11 is intended primarily for those users who are not satisfied with the Windows 11 start menu and would like to return the old Windows 10 or Windows 7 start menu;
  • Once launched, the program offers four different design templates for this purpose. They can also be further customized, such as using a compact display style or a grid style;
  • Other options allow you to customize the color, transparency and other properties of the start menu - you can even change the start button if you want;
  • The taskbar can also be personalized by changing its transparency, color, texture, and size.

New program features:

  • Start11 not only changes the design of Windows, but also brings some useful features, for example, in Windows 11, for free, you can again place the taskbar at the top of the screen and expand a greatly reduced context menu;
  • A separate search feature promises better results than native Windows search, and also allows you to filter by file type and search by file content.

Developer: Stardock
License: ShareWare
Size: 30MB
Software version: 1.01


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