Plexim PLECS Standalone Program Overview

PLECS is a circuit simulator program, a powerful solution for dynamic simulation of the whole system, designed to simulate simple and complex electrical systems and to control their operation. With an intuitive, easy-to-use schematic editor, you can create new models fairly quickly. With native switching processing, simulation of power circuits is fast and reliable. Whether you are modeling simple power electronic converters or complex electrical drives, PLECS is a powerful tool that will always get you the results you need quickly. PLECS Standalone provides you with an all-in-one solution for simulating complex electrical circuits and complex controls in a single environment.

PLECS is now available in two different editions. The choice between Blockset for MATLAB ® / Simulink ® and standalone solution:
PLEX Blockset
Blockset PLECS is fully integrated with Simulink. This allows you to access the functionality of Simulink and expand the scope of the oriented modeling system. In a Simulink sheet, the PLECS diagram looks like a subsystem block with control inputs and measurement results.

Instead of relying on co-simulation, Simulink solves the circuit equations itself, along with the control system. Blockset PLECS offers full compatibility with simulation settings, support for both variable and time constant step solvers.

PLECS autonomous

The PLECS standalone edition is a simulation platform in itself. It provides an optimized solver to speed up the simulation of electrical circuits and control systems. PLECS standalone is a cost-effective yet powerful solution for dynamic simulation of the entire system.

Dedicated solver

PLECS standalone comes with its own engine for solving circuit equations. The user can choose between variable step and fixed step solvers. Variable time step solvers are generally preferred for accurate and efficient simulations because they take a step size during simulation depending on the speaker model. PLECS standalone provides optimized explicit and implicit variable step solvers for stiff and non-stiff systems.

Impulse systems

The simulation engine allows you to simulate impulse systems, i.e. discrete systems that change only at individual times. You can simulate systems that sample periodically or at variable intervals, systems containing blocks with different sampling rates, and systems that mix continuous and discrete blocks.

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