PCunlocker Enterprise Edition Overview

PCUnlocker Enterprise is a modern solution for password recovery from an account in Windows. Helps those who have forgotten their administrator account password or forgot a recently changed password. In addition, the utility will help with virus infection, when malware has changed the account password and requires you to pay to gain access to the system.

The program is provided as a WinPE image that can be written to bootable media. The bootable media can be a USB drive, a flash drive, or a CD/DVD. After recording, boot the PC from the bootable media, thereby giving the program full access to the system and password recovery.

After downloading, the program gets access to all accounts. You can reset your password in just a few clicks - the integrated step-by-step recovery wizard will help you with this.

Features and benefits:

  • Administrator password recovery;
  • Password recovery in case of ransomware infection;
  • Activating and unlocking Windows accounts;
  • Able to work with multiple installed operating systems;
  • Removing or resetting passwords;
  • Simple interface with a step-by-step recovery wizard;
  • It can be written to any USB-drive, and to a CD / DVD-ROM;
  • Built-in drivers for working with RAID arrays and IDE, SATA, SCSI interfaces;
  • Support for any edition of Windows, from XP to 10 and Server.

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