Password Depot Security Management

I decided to introduce you to a pretty good program, which can be categorized as both managers and security. Its essence lies in the fact that you can securely store your passwords from prying eyes, as they will be stored in a special place in encrypted form, so you should not worry about their safety, you can download Password Depot below.

The program has a fairly clear interface, after launching you will need to perform a couple of manipulations and here you have a specially created area in which you can store your passwords.

Program Features

Password Depot has some additional features, for example, you can not only store passwords, but also create them, and you will create passwords that are quite resistant to hacking, otherwise, some users' imagination is not very developed, everything is set the same everywhere. If you have a password ready, then Password Depot will gladly evaluate it for strength and give you a result that it considers fair. Among other things, you can automatically fill in various web forms, that is, you don’t have to enter your login and password every time, just enter it into Password Depot once and then the program will enter it for you.

After visiting Internet resources and so on, the application can automatically clean up memory dumps and the clipboard, so there is no reason to doubt that your password may be shining somewhere. Password Depot has a lot of templates thanks to which you can create passwords, they will come in handy if you yourself don’t know what you can come up with so complicated that you don’t have to worry about the safety of your data. In general, I think everything about the program, I have painted all the pluses, there are not so many obvious minuses yet, these include the lack of Russian support, it remains only to check Password Depot in operation, I hope it will really help you save your passwords and not worry about the fact that some important data will become the property of the entire Internet or a single hacker.

  • Developer: AceBIT GmbH
  • License: ShareWare
  • Language: Multi
  • Size: 60MB


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