The Lazy Nezumi Pro program is famous for its versatility. It can be used as a standalone graphic editor or as a plug-in integrated into Adobe Photoshop. The purpose of this software product is to simplify the work with graphic files. From now on, the user will be able to create clear and smooth lines with different shapes. All this can be achieved using a conventional computer mouse or graphics tablet. It is difficult to underestimate the benefits of the described program. After all, with normal drawing, the lines turn out to be crooked, unsightly in appearance. And Lazy Nezumi Pro helps you quickly achieve the desired smoothness, in just a minute. In this case, the nature of the drawn lines can be any. The user is able to create extravagant zigzags, loops, spirals, etc. It is enough to launch the program as a standalone graphics editor or an add-on built into Adobe Photoshop. Adjusting the anti-aliasing quality A potential user is able to adjust the quality of anti-aliasing in a special tab of the program. There are three different modes in total, differing in the number of lines drawn. Author: LAZY NEZUMI Languages: Multi OS: Windows 8, 8 64-bit, 7, 7 64-bit, Vista, Vista 64-bit, XP, XP 64-bit download

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