With GiliSoft Secure Disc Creator you can burn a password protected and encrypted disc. The program supports most CD / DVD media, creates a secure area on the disk - to see the contents, you must enter the password set during recording. The data in the protected area is encrypted using the AES 256-bit encryption algorithm on the fly. Protected CD/DVD media are completely self-contained and do not require any additional software on your computer to use their content. Key Features of GiliSoft Secure Disc Creator: • Password protection a powerful tool for burning password-protected CD/DVDs. • Full protection of your data: Regardless of the type of information, files, folders and documents placed on the CD/DVD media, your data will be securely protected from unauthorized access. You can not worry about the leakage of important and confidential information even in case of loss or theft of media. • Portability: You don't need to install additional software to view the contents of the disc. • Reliability and safety: GiliSoft Secure Disc Creator protects data using several layers of proprietary protection methods. The core technology is based on encryption (AES 256) at the sector level. • Create ISO image files: Allows you to create ISO images. • Burning ISO images: Contains a utility for burning ISO images to CD/DVD. • Virtual Disk: GiliSoft Secure Disc Creator allows you to create a virtual drive that supports ISO images. • Friendly user interface: Lightweight and easy to use and understand interface. download

Password 1234

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