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In order to build the correct graph of a particular mathematical function, you must have a certain level of knowledge and skills. To fill in some of the gaps in knowledge about what the various functions look like, you can use one of the many special programs. A good example of such software is Efofex FX Draw.

Construction of two-dimensional graphs

Among the features of this program is the ability to create two-dimensional graphs manually. This method is best if you just need to show the graph of some simple function, such as a linear function, and you already know what it should look like.

A way to manually plot mathematical functions in Efofex FX Draw

In addition, Efofex FX Draw also has a standard tool for such programs for the automated construction of various charts.

A tool for plotting two-dimensional graphs of mathematical functions in Efofex FX Draw

In order to use it, you will need to enter an equation in a special window, as well as select some parameters for the future chart.

The window for setting the parameters of the graph of a mathematical function when building a two-dimensional graph in Efofex FX Draw

Efofex FX Draw also draws trigonometric functions without any problems.

Ability to build trigonometric functions in Efofex FX Draw

It is very convenient to be able to add several graphs to one document and quickly switch between them.

Ability to add multiple diagrams to a document and quickly switch between them in Efofex FX Draw.

Plotting Volumes
Some mathematical functions cannot be fully displayed on a plane. This program has the ability to create three-dimensional graphs of such equations.

Building volumetric graphs of mathematical functions in Efofex FX Draw

Building other types
There are a huge number of sections in mathematics, each of which has special rules and laws. Many mathematical functions are based on them, which are quite problematic to visually display using traditional methods. Here various diagrams, distribution curves and other similar ways of presentation come to the rescue. Such designs are also possible with Efofex FX Draw.

Building charts of other types in Efofex FX Draw

To build, for example, such a chart, you need to fill in the table with various values, as well as set some chart parameters.

Properties window when plotting other types of charts in Efofex FX Draw

Construction of derivatives

Efofex FX Draw has a tool that allows you to automatically calculate and display on the chart the first and second derivatives of most mathematical functions.

Building the first and second derivatives in Efofex FX Draw

Graphic animation

In this program, it is possible to visualize the path of some material point along the trajectory described by the graph of the function you entered.

Ability to start the animation of the plotted chart in Efofex FX Draw

Saving and printing a document

If you need to attach a chart created with Efofex FX Draw to any document, then two options are available for this:

Attach a document created with this program to a Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or OneNote file.
Ability to attach a document to another file in Efofex FX Draw

Save the graph in a separate file with one of the suggested formats, and then manually add it to wherever you need.
Saving graphs to files of different formats in Efofex FX Draw

In addition, Efofex FX Draw has the ability to print a document obtained in the process of working with the program.

Possibility to print the document in Efofex FX Draw


A fairly wide range of tools;
Direct interaction with Microsoft products;
Pretty user friendly interface.


Paid distribution model;
Lack of support for the Russian language.
If you need a program that allows you to create various graphs of mathematical functions in a form convenient for their further presentation, for example, in a math lesson, then Efofex FX Draw will be an excellent choice. The program may lack some tools, for example, to study the function, but it copes with the task of plotting very well.

  • System: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, XP, Vista, 2000
  • Category: Software Reviews
  • Developer: Efex
  • Size: 37 MB
  • English language

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