ASDIP Concrete 2022 Overview

ASDIP Concrete, formerly known as ASDIP Structural Concrete, is structural engineering software used by engineers to design specific components. The software has been used to design columns, wall forces, composite beams, concrete columns, metal poles, walls,... ASDIP Structural is a simple, intuitive, cost-saving program, save time and money for structural engineers.

ASDIP Specific Functions:

  • Simple and efficient graphical user interface;
  • Development of specific elements within minutes;
  • Optimizing Code Sketch Design Reliability;
  • Quick overview of design steps;
  • Quick Design Review, Column and Walland;
  • Instant Graph Creation, Interaction and Reduction;
  • Show interactive graphical icons in columns and walls;
  • Options for custom sketch, optional, and conditions;
  • Multiple options for geometric modeling;
  • Head of high quality with preview;
  • Multiple Quantities in a Project File;
  • Calculations and project files;
  • Step calculation with a set of formulas;
  • Correct calculation of large moments in columns and walls;

System requirements

Operating system supported: Windows 7/8/10
Empty disk space: 100 MB or more.

download ASDIP Concrete 2022

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